Support Fernis

By pooling our resources such as knowledge, insights, network and finance, we can make Fernis the standard platform for the industry.


There are multiple ways to support the development of Fernis. Currently, we are addressing Fernis supporters - corporate and private investors supporting the development of the system financially.

Galleries, Museums, Art Professionals and Collectors have the possibility to influence the development Fernis by becoming a beta-tester or ambassador.

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By supporting Fernis, you support the art world. You will get the opportunity to affect the direction for the standard system for artwork management and an innovating platform for communication and networking.

If you're an art professional or an investor with a passion for creating a more holistic art world where authenticity, trust and cultural heritage is key, supporting Fernis will support your vision.

The Plan

The first version of Fernis is currently being developed.

Funding and Supporters

We invite leading organisations and companies to collectively support the evolution of a new standard system within the industry. If you want to affect the art world of tomorrow, we would love to get in touch.

Development and testing

We develop a secure and flexible system with user-friendly interfaces. The system will go through several tests to secure that it works perfectly prior to the big launch. We invite all parts of the industry to test the system.

Launch platform

We will launch when the platform is working smoothly and safely. The first version will consist of a comprehensive Gallery System, securing all data related to artworks.

Ecosystem evolution

Post-launch, Fernis will invite several sectors in the art industry to join the system, which will evolve into a platform ecosystem. Entrepreneurs and visionaries will be able to apply for building services on top of the system. We welcome innovation.

Fernis will, in time, hold and secure historically and economically valuable information about artworks, artists and the art world.


We are currently inviting Founding and Premium Members. Get in touch to know more.


Members from the art industry, who are supporting the development from the beginning.


Members with the ability to contribute to Fernis with financial resources and insights into the industry.


Pre-Approved Non-Profits, Government Entities, e.g. National Galleries, supporting and implementing the system.


General backers, supporting the creation and implementation of Fernis.

You can take part in supporting, growing and implementing Fernis. Get in touch to know more.