We are on a shared mission towards a holistic system for the art world. By pooling our resources such as knowledge, insights, network and finance, we can make Fernis the standard platform for the industry.


The Fernis Consortium is an organization whose primary purpose is to develop, implement and maintain the Fernis System. The Consortium will collaboratively determine the direction for Fernis.

The Consortium will consist of different companies and sectors from the art industry. Their task is to ensure Fernis’ continual development, operation and governance, fed by its members’ resources in terms of capital and knowledge.


The mission of securing information about artworks for the future must be a collaborative task for the art industry in order to secure independency of commercial and financial interests.

We believe that the establishment of a Consortium is the most effective way to ensure that multiple parts of the industry will affect the development and evolution, and that the standard is implemented broadly.

Do you want to be part of the consortium?

The Plan

The Fernis Consortium is currently being established.

Establish Consortium

The Fernis Consortium is currently being established. We invite leading organisations and companies to collectively support the evolution of a new standard within the industry. If you want to affect the art world of tomorrow, we would love to get in touch.

Development and testing

We develop a stable blockchain system with user-friendly interfaces. The system will go through several tests to secure that it works perfectly prior to the big launch. We invite all parts of the industry to test the system.

Launch platform

We will launch when the platform is working smoothly and safely. The first version will consist of a blockchain enabled system, to secure all data related to artworks. Users will be able to log-in, add and transfer artworks.

Open platform

This will mark the opening of The Fernis Platform™ API allowing entrepreneurs and visionaries to apply to build apps, webapps, and services on top. We welcome innovation.


We are currently inviting Founding Members. Get in touch to know more.


Members from the art industry, who are supporting the development from the beginning.


Members with the ability to contribute to Fernis with financial resources and insights into the industry.


Pre-Approved Non-Profits, Government Entities, e.g. National Galleries, supporting and implementing the system.


General backers, supporting the creation and implementation of Fernis.

You can take part in building, growing and implementing Fernis. Get in touch to know more.