The platform for the art world

Fernis is the first system to combine artwork management with a social platform.

As a gallerist, you'll be able to manage both your inventory, clients and your professional network in one single system.

Fernis Users

Fernis is for all stakeholders in the art world

The first launch of Fernis will focus on gallerist users. Hereafter, collectors, artists and other art professionals will be invited.

The more users, the more valuable an ecosystem, where everyone will be able to contribute with knowledge and services about art.


Tired of switching between paper notes and digital non-syncing systems? Fed up with multiple tools to keep track of clients, artworks, sales and exhibition preparations?

With Fernis, you'll have everything at hand. Register the artworks in your inventory and gather all data and documents here – transfer to your client as a helpful service when they buy an artwork. Plan exhibitions, handle sales, and stay in touch with your network.


Register your artworks before its journey starts to attest its authenticity. Share and transfer to galleries or collectors.


Get artworks and their valuable data transferred to you when purchasing. Secure provenance, authenticity statements and price development. Get relevant news from galleries and artists.


Fernis is a platform for all parts of the industry. We're looking forward to welcoming museums, art fairs, institutions, logistics, finance and more.

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The System

A system to create accessible, trustworthy data

Inventory management, CRM, secured provenance, a social platform and more - everything in one system.

When users in your professional network updates relevant data, you'll be notified automatically. This will save you time and typing.


Inventory, exhibition planning, CRM and sales tools. Automated syncing for all users when master data is updated by a trusted entity.



Get professionals to validate the authenticity of your artwork. An equivalent to the vulnerable physical art certificate of today.


All data is securely stored in order to save artwork provenance and cultural heritage. Supports compliance with regulatory directives.


Establish and maintain relations with professionals and clients on the social platform. Update your network with news. Seek out or provide art related services.


Link important documents to the artwork – manuals, condition reports, personal artistic dedications, photos of the artwork in different locations etc.


The artwork’s ownership history is attached to the artwork’s digital ID – its provenance follows along when it switches hands.

A Tech and Art Team

A team with knowledge and experience

Fernis is created by a team of experienced tech developers combined with the insights of art world professionals, collectors and digital experts. 


We have years of experience with tech, and we know that a good user experience is essential for users to adopt a new system.

In order to create the best possible platform, we collaborate with different types of art professionals in order to test the system.


We have personal and professional experience with the art world and a passion for improving it.

We know about the importance of provenance and the need for a digital framework to solve daily challenges. Fernis is created for and by the art world.

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