The global

ecosystem for

the art world

Fernis is the standard system for the art world. It enables galleries, artists and museums to securely add and exchange information about artworks. No paper mess, no lost folders, no unnecessary double registration - but more time to focus on artists and clients.

For the Art World

Fernis is for all stakeholders in the art world

Fernis is for all stakeholders in the art world. It is all about the value of trustworthy provenance and keeping it safe. For now and for the future.


Register all your artworks in one place. Gather all data and documents here – and transfer to the buyer as a helpful service. Stay up to date with artists’ CVs and provide your customer base with news.


Register the artwork before its journey starts to attest its authenticity. Share and handover to galleries or collectors. Store data on shows and other relevant information to build value.


Get artworks and their data transferred to you when purchasing. Get professionals to validate your artwork. Secure provenance, authenticity statements and value. Yet stay anonymous.


Fernis is a platform for all parts of the industry, and applications can be built on top of it. We want entrepreneurs and visionaries to take part in the development and evolution of Fernis. We welcome innovation.

The System

A system to create accessible, trustworthy data

Provide your artwork with a digital ID and attach all data to it. Prove ownership and authenticity. Transfer the artwork and its data when it switches hands.


Description of an artwork, created by the artist or people with the knowledge and trustworthiness to do so



Get professionals to validate the authenticity of your artwork. An equivalent to the vulnerable physical art certificate of today.


All data is securely stored, for optimal privacy. Powered by blockchain technology.


Prove ownership of the artwork, yet stay anonymous. Transfer the artwork when switches hands.


Link documents to the artwork – maintenance information, condition reports, personal artistic dedications, photos of the artwork in different locations etc.


The artwork’s history  –  is attached to the artwork’s digital ID – it follows along when it switches hands.

Tech and Art

A team with knowledge and experience

Fernis is created by a team of art world professionals, collectors and digital experts. 


We work with tech every day and care about creating the best user experience.

We are open, we test, we listen, and we know that your voice is important to create the best possible platform for art world professionals.


We have personal and professional experience with the art world. We know the importance of provenance and the need for a holistic, digital framework to solve daily challenges.

We collaborate with other art professionals via a Consortium. Fernis is created for and by the art world.

Fernis will be developed collaboratively by the art world in a Consortium.
We are currently establishing the Consortium.
Read more about the Consortium

You can take part in building, growing and implementing Fernis. Get in touch to know more.